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Mellon Educate Building Blitz 2023

On November 18th, a team of nine volunteers from Elliott Group will embark on a journey with Mellon Educate to one of the most impoverished townships in South Africa. During the course of the week, our team will join approximately 300 volunteers from around the world in the construction of a school.

This project is not merely about building a school; it represents a sanctuary—a safe space where children can receive an education that has the power to transform their lives. Our team has personally witnessed the harrowing conditions in which these children live and grow, and we have also experienced the immense excitement and hope that this charity instills in them. Children who barely have enough to eat but ensure their uniform is clean and arrive with a smile on their face.

We kindly request your support by making a donation to the Mellon Educate Charity. Your contribution, no matter the amount, will directly assist the Mellon Educate Building Blitz of 2023. To support us, please click on our Just Giving link. Every penny raised will go towards covering the costs of the trip and the necessary materials for constructing the school.


For those of you who are unfamiliar with Mellon Educate please take a look at a video from 2022.

 You can watch the full video here

This year, we have been fortunate to have nine volunteers step forward, including Noel Elliott, who has generously dedicated his time for his sixth consecutive year. Together, we are actively raising the much-needed funds, with each volunteer striving to collect £4,000 through their own individual fundraising efforts, in addition to the £1,000 donation contributed by Elliott Group for each of our team.



Noel Elliott expresses his heartfelt gratitude: “Thank you for supporting these children’s pursuit of education. Throughout my six years of involvement, I have witnessed miracles in the African townships. The hope and enthusiasm shining in the eyes of the children, their parents, and their teachers as we improve their facilities and provide them with a chance to improve their lives never fails to humble me. It reminds us all of how fortunate we are in the West, where education is so readily available to us all!”

Thank you. Our team will be traveling to South Africa in November, and the Building Blitz will take place from November 18th to November 25th. To stay updated on our activities, please connect with us on LinkedIn, where we will share the impact of your generosity.

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