Let's Talk
Let's Talk

Come meet our amazing team of volunteers, who will be travelling to South Africa on the 12th November, to take part in this year’s Building Blitz for Mellon Educate.

These volunteers will join a group of between 300-400 people in a township, to build a school in just seven days. The school will facilitate the education of 1,200-1,500 children.


Here’s why they wanted to get involved.


Noel Elliott in South Africa for the 2019 Building Blitz NOEL ELLIOTT
Managing Director UK, Elliott Group

2022 will mark Noel’s fifth year taking part in the Mellon Educate programme. Noel has a long tradition in the construction industry, as the third generation of Elliott Group.
Noel’s core role is to lead the company from initial business development to estimating, commercial management and to oversee the execution at the steering level on all projects. When he is not at the helm, you can find him in the saddle at his other passion, Cloverhill Sports Horses, an elite equine training and stabling centre in Ireland.
Combining this with his compassion for people and his innate desire to help others has led him to a strong involvement with this charity, witnessing the incredible impact it has had on children and their communities. He has encouraged and assisted many volunteers in taking part, never taking for granted the opportunities we have been given and striving to give the hope of education to so many people.


Managing Director, The Property Crew

Originally from for Fermanagh, Paul has lived in London for the last 20 years. He has worked alongside Elliott’s for the last 10 years on various projects especially in the UK.

When asked why he decided to take part in the Building Blitz, Paul said, “Noel had been banging on to me for a few years about what a wonderful charity this was and how it really makes a difference. It did sound great and he convinced me into signing up for the 2019 Building Blitz! It was one of the best things I have done. It was incredible to see how the will of so many wonderful volunteers could deliver so much in such a short time. The work was hard, and the deadline fixed – but with everyone pulling together what was achieved was incredible. We built a huge school extension and upgraded the entire grounds. It was a hugely humbling, life affirming experience. We were able to give some of the poorest children in the world a wonderful place to learn and the chance for a great education. Needless to say, I had signed up again for the following year, but this will be the first trip since 2019, due to the Covid Pandemic.

The best thing about this charity is that all the money raised is turned into building materials and it is then incredibly well organised to fully maximise the willing labour of the volunteers for that week. The result far outweighs the money raised against the amazing school facilities created and difference it makes to those communities. Every pound donated adds up to a huge change and it is a truly well spent pound!”


Quantity Surveyor, Elliott Group

Megan was born and raised in Mayo in the west of Ireland and moved to London in June 2019 to complete her placement year with Elliott group. She returned to Limerick to complete my final year of university graduating with a degree in Quantity Surveying in May 2021 and returned to London to work with Elliott Group as a Quantity Surveyor.

“Having grown up and currently working in a developed country, I think we take for granted how lucky we are with the standard of living and the opportunities that are readily available to us. Consequently, I am very excited to help build this school which will make a positive impact on this community in Capetown, giving the local children an opportunity to have an education and a safe place to hang out with their friends.”



Junior Quantity Surveyor, Elliott Group

Winniefred was born in Nigeria and moved to the UK in her early teenage years. She successfully graduated from university with a bachelor’s degree in Quantity Surveying in 2019 and joined Elliott Group in December 2020 as a Graduate quantity surveyor and her dedication and skill has seen her progress within the company. Winniefred is currently based in the London branch.

Her considerate nature was reflected in her response when asked why she decided to join the team of volunteers, saying, “Helping the less privileged is a very mentally rewarding experience, as you are making a positive change in someone else’s life, as well as in a small way, the world.”


Site Foreman, Elliott Group

Martin hails all the way from County Cavan in Ireland, where Elliott Group has it’s Head Office. Martin works in the UK with Elliott Group and has known the Elliott family for over 50 years having worked with Paddy Elliott, (founder of the company) Noel Elliott Snr and currently with Noel Elliott Jnr, the current MD.

A huge advocate for Mellon Educate, Martin commented recently, “This year will be my 12th Blitz and every time I return, I realise that I am so lucky as are my family – a quality roof over our heads, never a hungry day and free education to a standard that has no limits. I just want to do what I can each year to build a better facility for these children, their parents, and the fantastic teachers and my own children.”


Junior Project Manager, Cilantro Engineering

Christian Elliott has witnessed the impact of Mellon Educate firsthand through his father, Noel Elliott, over a period of many years. At just twenty years of age, Christian has inherited both the skills in construction as well as the drive for helping others.

Speaking on his first time to volunteer with Mellon Educate, Christian said, “I want to do my best to help those less fortunate than myself. My dad Noel has done it a number of times and I think I can really help. I will work hard and do my very best in the week we are in the African Township.”


We would ask that you support our effort by giving any donation if you can, but a maximum of €200/£200, towards Mellon Educate.  Please click on the Just Giving link to support. All money goes directly to Mellon Educate.


In addition, we are running a Race Night on 25th August in London (venue The Faltering Fullback @7.30pm) where everyone is welcome, including friends, colleagues and family. The race night will be informal, where we invite you to enjoy a fun night out for a worthy cause where all proceeds again go to Mellon Educate.

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