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Elliott Group and Quintain partner with Crann Schools Programme

Elliott Group and Quintain partner with Crann Schools Programme in Adamstown.

Renowned ecologist Dale Treadwell visited schools in Adamstown last week to deliver fun and interactive workshops on biodiversity to children. Dale, who has many years of experience in ecological education, is passionate about sharing his knowledge with young people to inspire them to protect the natural world.

During the workshops, Dale engaged the young students in hands-on activities that teach them about the importance of biodiversity and planted trees within the school grounds.

These workshops are part of a larger collaboration from Elliott Group and Quintain, to promote environmental awareness and enhance community engagement within the construction industry. Elliott Group and Quintain partnered with the Irish charity organisation, Crann, to deliver these workshops, with more planned for later in 2023.

Darragh Elliott, Managing Director of Elliott Group commented, “We are grateful for the Crann Schools Programme’s involvement in arranging Dale’s visit. By teaching children about biodiversity and the role it plays in our ecosystem, we can empower them to make positive changes and play a crucial role in protecting the environment.”

The schools were delighted to have Dale visit and speak to the students. The Elliott Group and Quintain are committed to promoting environmental sustainability and biodiversity, and the Crann Schools Programme is an excellent way to engage young people in this important work. For more information on the programme see here; https://crann.ie/projects/crann-schools-tree-project/


Elliott Group are proud contractors for ‘The Crossings’ mixed-use residential and commercial units beside Adamstown Station. For more information on this project, click here.

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